Friday 15 August 2008

New sister publication for TTT

Readers of this weblog may be familiar with Tech Transfer e-News and Technology Transfer Tactics, published by BizWorld Inc. The same company is now launching what it terms "the world's first and only monthly newsletter exclusively devoted to successful IP marketing", Intellectual Property Marketing Advisor. According to BizWorld,

"This "how to," practical periodical is written for tech transfer, research, commercialization, and licensing professionals. Its mission is to help build marketing capabilities and expertise by providing expert strategies, case studies, and best practices in IP marketing. Each article is carefully targeted to help TTOs and other organizations find and attract more licensees for their IP, bring in more revenue, and promote their efforts among researchers, administrators, and other key stakeholders. “

This monthly guidance will help spur the commercialization of innovations and other IP," said Bizworld Chairman and Publisher Leslie Norins, MD, PhD. "The need is greatest in the academic and government research sectors. Their budgets are under pressure. But they’ve got cabinets full of invention disclosures and patented innovations just gathering dust -- and bringing in no royalties. More effective, aggressive marketing is the 'missing link' in the commercialization chain that will bring in more licenses, and more royalty revenue"."

Bold claims -- but you can judge them for yourself. For details of how to obtain an inspection copy, click here.

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Michael F. Martin said...

yes but what is going to help with the marketing problem? A how to manual or a new hire? A quick glance at the scale of the problem should be enough to answer that question. If invention sourcing institutions don't want to increase the budget for tech transfer offices, then tech transfer offices have only one real option (if they're serious about growth): outsource to the finance and service professionals who can do the heavy lifting.