Tuesday 15 June 2021

OxFirst 6th IP and Competition Forum - The Future of FRAND


OxFirst is 10 Years old! Celebrate with Us.


Oxfirst 6th IP And Competition Forum:

Standard Essential Patents & FRAND  

1 p.m. UK time – 6 p.m. UK time 

2 p.m. – 7 p.m. CET


In this conference, policy makers, law makers and IP and Competition practitioners will be discussing the Future of FRAND.

Ballet dancers will perform various solos.  


Day 1: June 23


  • Where in the Supply Chain should one take a license?  
  • Updates on Recent FRAND Disputes
  • Essentiality Perspectives on SEPs              

    Key Presenters

  • CEO of the UKIPO
  • Mr Vajda QC, Monckton chambers, visiting Professor in King's College London, previous Judge at CJEU
  • Representatives from Nokia & Audi…
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Day 2 : June 24


  • The FRAND Defense  
  • Anti-suit Injunctions
  • Propotionality of injunctions             

   Key Presenters:

  • Madame Sabotier, Head & Judge, 3rd chamber Civil Court and Head of 3rd Chamber
  • Dr Zigann, Presiding Judge, Landgericht Munich
  • Professor Picht, University of Zurich
  • Representatives from Siemens, Deutsche Telekom..
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Day 3: June 25


  • Standard essential patents & AI
  • Should the mandate of Standard Setting Organisations be expanded?
  • International perspectives on FRAND   

   Key Presenters:

  • Sir Nicholas Forwood, White & Case, Counsel & former Judge at CJEU
  • Lord Justice Arnold, Judge at the Court of Appeal of England and Wales
  • Representatives from IBM, Philips and Panasonic…

Wednesday 9 June 2021

IP Valuation

Free Webinar June 11 14h00 -15h00 GMT = 15h00-16h00 CET

Register for free at: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_0IbL2HJ6QemEMIEV20UKow


What this Event is About: 

The recent 1.2 billion trademark backed loan American Airlines obtained, the valuation of Michael Jackson’s ‘name and likeness’ for tax purposes, as well as the commitment of UK Courts to offer a valuation of FRAND royalty rates are good examples of the various goals an IP valuation can support.

In this webinar we discuss the nexus between IP valuation and reporting systems and assess the elements needed to uncover the economic potential of IP. The traditional legal and accounting tick-boxes commonly ignore the valuation of intellectual property and are a relic of an industrial age that is not fit for an era dominated by intellectual property. Failing to keep pace with innovation and considering the economic contribution of IP risks undermining today’s entrepreneurship.

This webinar is the first step to advance the debate.

Join in and discuss!