Monday 4 August 2008

How to get rich in just five minutes ...

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UK-IPO) has announced the launch of a free booklet which, it claims, "helps business unlock the value of innovation". It's called How Licensing Intellectual Property Can Help Your Business and it is said to provides a wide range of information on IP licensing which includes advice on how to approach and conduct a productive IP licensing deal.

This booklet, according to the press release, was
"produced by the UK-IPO-led Business-to-Business Licensing Working Group which comprises over twenty individuals with a range of expertise and experience of licensing. The B2B group was set up in response to the recent Gowers Review of Intellectual Property, which highlighted the fact that UK businesses experienced problems with IP licensing".

The twenty individuals concerned must be pretty artistic: the booklet is only 24 pages in length -- and most of it seems to be comprised of either blank space or stunning visuals. You can read it here in less than five minutes.

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