Thursday, 30 July 2009

A Call to Readers for Assistance

Stimulus overload: It is one of the terms that I fondly remember from my first course in Psychology in college and which continues to instruct me both personally and professionally. In considering subjects for this blog, I look for inspiration from multiple sources. However, I never seem to get to all of the academic and professional articles that I would like to read. Twitter has its advantages, but the sheer volume of "TinyURL" links that bombard my Twitter home page daily bears daily witness the meaning of stimulus overload in this connection.

And so--I turn to the readership of this blog. It is my wish to review relevant academic and professional articles on a regular basis. Indeed, I am working on the first post in this series. To do this well, however, I need your suggestions about appropriate articles. All suggestions are welcome (please email me here). The benefit will be both yours and mine.

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