Sunday 2 November 2008


I have not yet seen Ocean Tomo's comments on its recent auction held last week, but the IAM Magazine already includes a post which reports that the record number of lots on sale went for USD 12.8 Million. IAM comments that it is interesting to see that the desire to purchase patents has not (yet) dried up. OceanTomo have not yet issued a report - at least their website is not showing anything.

The purchasers of the patents probably still have funds available for spending - at least that seems to be the case for a number of funds in the VC industy. It is not suprising that money was spent at this auction. More interesting will be the developments over the next few months and year. I would not be suprised to see more patents come onto the market as companies "rightsize" their portfolio - but that the funds for purchase becoming more limited.

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