Wednesday 5 November 2008

The best value for your dollar

A recent survey by YouGovPolimetrix shows that the economic downturn is having a significant impact on how consumers perceive brand value.

To examine the value of brands for its BrandIndex survey, YouGovPolimetrix collected data for two months, between 1 September and 27 October, sampling responses from an online panel of over 1 million consumers.

The time frame was chosen specifically to examine the impact of the economic crisis on brand perception: it revealed a focus among consumers on “bargain brands” (such as Wal-Mart or Old Navy), as opposed to more expensive, high-fashion brands.

The five brands with the highest consumer perception value were Craftsman, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Google and Rubbermaid. Maybe unsurprisingly, financial services firms have dropped significantly during this period, reflecting a loss of consumer confidence.

More information on the results of the survey can be found here and here – and more information on Polimetrix here.

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