Wednesday 12 November 2008

Forthcoming meeting: IP term

The IP Finance weblog is pleased to announce the next meeting of its readers and supporters. The subject is "IP term: what it means in finance terms", a discussion on the financial implications of the duration of intellectual property protection. Anna Feros (a senior associate at Shepherd & Wedderburn) will be speaking on patent term, while John Enser (partner, Olswang) will talk about copyright term.

Right: a wallclock -- the best way to enjoy the countdown to a competitor's patent expiry

As is traditional at these events -- which are free -- the speakers will not speak for too long and there will be excellent opportunities for networking.

The date: Tuesday 16 December
The time: 5pm till 6.30pm
The venue: Shepherd & Wedderburn's London office (address and directions here)
If you're planning on coming, email Anna Feros here so that we can all be forewarned.

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