Thursday, 3 March 2016

The New York State Science and Technology Law Center Innovation Review Newsletter

In a recent post on IP Finance, I discussed the late Syracuse University Law School Professor Ted Hagelin’s excellent casebook titled, Technology Innovation Law and Practice.  Professor Hagelin was the founder and Director of the very successful Technology Commercialization Law Program at Syracuse University College of Law; Director of the New York State Science and Technology Law Center; Crandall Melvin Professor of Law; and Kauffman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  When I wrote that post, I did not realize that University of Wisconsin Law School’s Vilas Research Fellow & George Young Bascom Professor in Business Law Shubha Ghosh had been hired by Syracuse.  This is an excellent hire and quite a coup for Syracuse.  Professor Ghosh will be the new Crandall Melvin Professor of Law at Syracuse University College of Law and director of the Technology Commercialization Law Program.  Professor Ghosh is a leading law professor in the U.S. and has authored over 20 articles as well as several books including Identity, Invention and the Culture of Personalized Medicine Patenting (Cambridge University Press 2012), and Transactional Intellectual Property (West 2nd ed. 2012). 

The New York State Science and Technology Law Center also has a newsletter: Innovation Review.  The recent edition is filled with interesting and helpful information, including a discussion of the pending cases at the U.S. Supreme Court concerning enhanced damages, the Obama budget for the USPTO, and a recent Sixth Circuit case concerning licensing.  Notably, the Center is offering the following free webinar seminars taught by Professor Ghosh:

Lab-to-Market Spring Webcasts on Upcoming Supreme Court IP Cases

The NYS Science & Technology Law Center is pleased to announce that Professor Shubha Ghosh, the new Crandall Melvin Professor of Law at Syracuse University College of Law and director of Technology Commercialization Law Program, will be presenting a series of webcasts regarding upcoming Supreme Court cases. The cases include: the combined Halo Electronics Inc. v. Pulse Electronics, Inc. and Stryker Corporation v. Zimmer Inc.; Cuozzo Speed Technologies, LLC v. Lee; and Kirtsaeng v. Wiley & Sons. Each webcast will last for approximately an hour and 15 minutes and provide time for questions. There is no fee but registration is required. To learn more about the cases to be presented, and watch other webcasts presented by the NYS STLC, please visit our website.

The webinar on the Halo Electronics v. Pulse Electronics & Stryker Crop. v. Zimmer, Inc. cases will be held on March 21.  The webinar on Cuozzo Speed Technologies will be held on April 21. Here is a link to a page with the subscription fields for the newsletter. 

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