Sunday 3 August 2014

The Patent Box: Tips, Predictions -- and a special offer for blog readers

"Patent Box: Tips and Predictions" is the title of a seminar coming up on Tuesday 9 September, in the comfy setting of the Rembrandt Hotel, London. This is the sort of seminar that IP Finance approves of, since it offers a generous discount on its registration fee for the benefit of blog readers.

The programme itself focuses, as the title suggests, on the institution of the Patent Box (on which see, for example, earlier IP Finance posts here, here, here, here and here), and specifically on its UK version. The organisers (Management Forum) explain its ethos as follows:
"The Patent Box regime has bedded in - is it working? Big companies are obtaining major savings on tax through the regime - are you? The EU has asked questions about the legal validity of the regime - where might this end? Ensure you're adopting the best practice Ensure you're future proofing your IP tax measures".
The cast of this event is chaired by Gwilym Roberts (a partner in the London-based IP practice of Kilburn & Strode, and a person whose curiosity drives him to make every effort to keep himself well informed regarding the latest IP developments), and  the speakers are drawn from each discipline that has something to offer those seeking to get a decent tax break (and, in the case of Her Majesty's Commissioners for Revenue and Customs, to stop them getting indecent ones).

The discount (which can be enjoyed by readers of this blog and/or the IPKat) can claim a 20% discount on the full fee of £598 plus VAT) by emailing their registration applications to Sue at, quoting the VIP blog-readers' code IPKat20%.  According to this blogger's calculations, that should bring the price down to £478.40, but you should check the arithmetic for yourself first, since he has done the sum five times and managed to get three different results ...

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