Friday 13 June 2014

"IP and Intangible Capital: Corporate Reporting & Valuation Issues From Theory to Action": a free webinar

Together with Stefano Zambon (Professor of Accounting at the University of Ferrara), our friend and one-time IP Finance contributor Roya Ghafele (Oxfirst) is running a free webinar this coming Tuesday on accounting and IP: "IP and Intangible Capital: Corporate Reporting & Valuation Issues From Theory to Action". Stefano is the Chair of Accounting and Business Economics and Director of the CFO M.A. Programme at the University of Ferrara, Italy, President of the ‘Collège des Experts de l’ImmatĂ©riel’ set up by the French Government, and formerly Vice-President of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER). Says Roya:
Today we live in a paradox. There is a universal consensus that intangibles are important, if not crucial, for competitiveness and growth, but at the same time we do not have shared and commonly accepted criteria for managing and reporting on these resources, for properly and systematically informing shareholders and other stakeholders on them, for putting a value thereon.

The Webinar will seek to explore both the reasons underlying this situation and some ways forward to address such a paradox, which shows the limits of our current understanding of, and the boundaries of our capacity to face, the challenges of this new phase in the evolution of capitalistic society and economy.
The webinar takes place on 18 June 2014, 13.00 GMT (U.K. Time). To join, send an email with your name, affiliation and email address to to receive an invitation containing log in contacts for this event.

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