Thursday, 20 April 2017

EMW Law Firm Releases Information on Fintech Patenting

The EMW Law Firm has released some information concerning Fintech patenting trends.  EMW states:

The number of ‘fintech patents’ filed worldwide is continuing to rise sharply, reaching 9,545 in 2016*, up 6% from 9,045 filed the year before in 2015 and up 49% from 6,399 filed five years ago in 2011[.]

“Fintech patents” are defined by EMW as:  Patents relating to banking, exchanges, investment, insurance, payment architecture and calculation of taxation, filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation.”  For more information, please see EMW’s blog post, here.  Corporate Counsel also discusses EMW’s blog post, here.  The Corporate Counsel article notes the US lead over China in Fintech patenting.  I am still holding out hope for a publicly available report on the IP landscape for Fintech. 

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