Friday, 17 June 2016

Beijing Regulator Issues Injunction Against Apple iPhone 6

Ali Qassim authored an article titled, "Expect Frequent Fast Injunctions in China, Says US Lawyer," on June 7, 2016 published in Bloomberg BNA.  The article reported on the remarks of a Beijing based-US attorney at a conference concerning the availability of remedies, including injunctions in China [behind a pay wall]. Today, June 17, 2016, Eva Dou of the Wall Street Journal has reported in an article titled, "Beijing Halts Sales of iPhone 6, Citing Patent Infringement" that a regulator in Beijing has issued an injunction against the sale of the iPhone 6 for infringing a design patent of Shenzhen Baili.  The article notes: 

It wasn’t immediately clear what impact the order would have. Some mobile-phone stores in the city said they had already stopped selling the two models months ago, switching to newer models. Apple will soon end production of both models, according to a person familiar with the production plans.
According to The Street, shares of Apple are falling.  Should we expect more investment in research and development, and patenting in China given the reported easy availability of remedies in China's huge market?  

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