Tuesday 21 May 2013

The Top 150 Licensors

On May 1, 2013, the Global License publication released its annual list of the top 150 (in the past this was a lower number) licensors.  According to Global License, the top 150 licensors account for around $230 billion in retail sales of licensed products and information.  The top 10 licensors on the list include: 1) Disney Consumer Products ($39.3 billion) (brands include Mickey Mouse and Avengers); 2) Iconix ($13 billion) (brands include Starter, Zoo York, Umbro and Buffalo); 3) PVH Corp. ($13 billion) (brands include Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Izod); 4) Meredith ($11.2 billion) (brands include Better Homes and Garden and Parents); 5) Mattel ($7 billion) (brands include Barbie and Fisher-Price); 6) Sanrio ($7 billion) (brands include Hello Kitty); 7) Warner Bros. Consumer Products ($6 billion) (brands include Superman and Batman); 8) Nickelodeon Consumer Products ($5.5 billion) (brands include Dora the Explorer and Diego); 9) Major League Baseball ($5.2 billion) (brands include the NY Yankees); and 10) Hasbro (brands include Transformers and Nerf).  Other notables in the top 25 include Weight Watchers International, the Collegiate Licensing Company and Ralph Lauren.  The entire list along with commentary about the licensors is here.  Enjoy! 


Neil Wilkof said...


Interesting list. One thought--I have never quite understood where these data come from--security filings, other?

Any thoughts?

Mike Mireles said...


That's a great question--thank you! The issue of the publication in question is ambiguous concerning the data; although I may be missing something. It seems to indicate that the material may be from a survey. Best, Mike

Mike Mireles said...


I asked the editor-in-chief Tony Lisanti about their sources for information and he kindly informed me that all information is provided directly by the companies unless otherwise noted. Best, Mike