Thursday, 22 November 2012

Jackie Maguire (in 2D) on 3D

IP Finance's friend Jackie Maguire (CEO, Coller IP) has been interviewed by the BBC on the increasingly interesting field of 3D printing.  If 3D printing lives up to only a tenth of its hype and quarter of its technical potential, it can easily be the biggest proposition to affect the IP-finance interface since the internet and web-enabled portable devices, as it (i) absorbs increasingly large proportions of available R&D and marketing funding, (ii) forces manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of 3D print-friendly products to evaluate, amend or abandon existing business models and (iii) raises familiar issues regarding the search for industry-wide standards and the technologies of compatibility, in which the demand for return on private investment, the need for competition and accessibility of markets to new entrants, come increasingly into conflict with one another.

You can enjoy the interview here.

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