Thursday, 17 May 2012

Intellectual? Can you manage IP assets? An exciting vacancy!

OUP: a great opening
for the right candidate
Oxford University Press has a newly-created post for a good and suitably-qualified soul who will hold responsibility for setting up, managing and administering the acquisition and licensing of intellectual property rights within OUP's English Language Teaching (ELT) Division -- described as 
"a global leader in the provision of multimedia English language teaching and learning materials. Operating in over 100 countries, it reaches millions of teachers and students each year ..."
The job title is Intellectual Asset Manager.  For the record, since we're talking about a body which forms part of the great and perplexingly complex legal octopus which is Oxford University, the adjective "intellectual" applies to "asset" rather than "manager".

A "broad understanding of copyright law, including experience of publishing agreements" is among the items listed in the job specification -- but there's nothing to say that a legal qualification is required, so this might be a perfect position for a gifted and enthusiastic amateur.

For full details just click here.  Closing date for applications is 3 June 2012.

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Ken Jarboe said...

Unfortunate use of the term "intellectual asset" when they mean a very narrower concept of "intellectual property" and more specifically copyright. If they really want an "intellectual asset" manager, the job description would include broader areas such as recruiting authors and book ideas (the asset) and developing strategies for cross-marketing (and negotiating a such agreements).