Wednesday, 11 January 2012

In the mood for a webbie and a bit of INTIPSA?

Mike Sharpe (Chief Operating Officer, INTIPSA -- the International Intellectual Property Strategists Association) has let it be known that the organisation is hosting a webinar on Tuesday 17 January, entitled "Brands, Tax and Finance".  He promises:
"We’ll be discussing IP tax regimes, transfer pricing and the IP issues around offshoring of brands. Panellists: Steef Huibregtse of Transfer Pricing Associates, Anne Fairpo of Atlas Chambers [and the IP Finance weblog] and Serena Tierney, former Head of IP at O2, Telef√≥nica, Disney and Diageo [though not all at the same time ...]".
Registration and further details are available on INTIPSA's website here.

If any reader of this weblog is signed up for the webinar, will he or she please report back on the most exciting and/or useful bits.  And can that person let know whether "brands", in this context, only means consumer brands, or whether those unfashionable things, business-to-business brands, have any significance in this context ...

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