Monday, 11 October 2010

Perfecting security interests: Masters student needs urgent help!

IP Finance has received an urgent request for assistance from Emmanuel Kedi Beh, a Masters student who is studying the Bank Management course at the University of Yaoundé II, Cameroon.  Emmanuel is preparing a Masters dissertation on "The perfection of security interests relating to intellectual property rights".

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Emmanuel is having much the same trouble as many of the rest of us in locating and obtaining suitable reading materials. He writes: "I have serious difficulties in finding books on security interests relating to intellectual property and the perfection of such security interests. Please could somebody help me or direct me?"

If any readers of this weblog can send him links to recent publications and helpful websites, this assistance would be grateful.  Also, if anyone who is familiar with UNCITRAL's output on the subject could make his task easier by pointing to those items on the organisation's website that will be most useful to a Masters candidate in Bank Management, that would be appreciated too.

Please email Emmanuel here, and/or post your recommendations as comments below this request for assistance.

Good luck, Emmanuel!


Norman said...

Hatzikiriakos, Secured Transactions in Intellectual Property: Software as Collateral (LexisNexis Canada 2006) discusses Canadian and US law as it relates to software in particular, with a chapter on perfection.

The IP Supplement to the Secured Transactions Guide is available [pre-release] at:
Chapters III-V are relevant to perfection (referred to as "third-party effectiveness") and priorities.

Neil Wilkof said...

I recall an article by Lanning Bryer and Mel Simensky that was published around 20 years ago in the Trademark Reporter on the subject of security interests in trademarks.

At the risk of self-promotion, Melvin Simensky, Lanning Bryer and I edited a volume for John Wiley, called "Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace", 2 vols., 2000, which has extensive discussion on this topic, including both topical discussions as well as country-by-country chapters. Let me know if it is available in your library.