Friday 20 August 2010

IP Finance: a conference and a competition

Intellectual Property and Finance 2010: exploring and explaining the financial dimensions of IPRs is the title of a one-day conference, organised by CLT Conferences and scheduled to be held in Central London on 20 October. The day is chaired by IP Finance blogmeister Jeremy, and the speakers include three IP Finance team members past and present -- Anne Fairpo ("Taxation of IP: where do I start?"), Ian Hartwell ("Risk Management in IPR Ventures") and Louise O'Callaghan ("Insolvency: what does it mean for IP owners and those who do business with them?").

As is so often the custom these days, there's a competition attached to this conference, the first prize being complimentary admission to the conference, inclusive of a tasty lunch (thus saving you the trouble of forking out £495 + VAT for registration).

The competition is a simple one. We all receive scam emails Some are from people purporting to be in possession of funds which can only be released once the recipient has himself paid some cash over to the scammer, or which require the recipient to part with his confidential online login and password details. Your task, in entering this competition, is to compose a plausible scam email which seeks to entice recipients to invest money in an imaginary IP-protected business venture of your choosing. Entries should not exceed 500 words unless they're very good ...

Entries should be emailed to Jeremy here, with the subject line "IP begging letter". The competition ends at close of play on Sunday 3 October and the winning entry will be published on this weblog shortly thereafter.

You can read the conference programme in full here.

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