Thursday 4 June 2009

South Africa: Content industry marches

Following on from an earlier post "Content Industry v SABC", the protest march took place earlier today with ScreenAfrica providing this report: Huge turnout for anti-SABC march

"During the march protestors wielded dozens of banners with slogans that read: “Pay up – it’s the right thing to do”, “Stop actors being cheated”, “Rest in Peace South African programmes”, “SABC squanders while film workers suffer”, “The shows must go on”, “No show with no dough”, “Programmes not perks”, “Lights, camera , no action”, “Stop pulling our strings”, “Where is South Africa’s best content?” “Our industry can’t survive on air” and “Bored with the Board”.

A banner representing the Independent Producers Organisation (IPO) read: “IPO fighting for sustainability and fair trade, quality local content, ownership of IP, and respectful relationships”.

A representative from the South African Scriptwriters Union (SASWU) talked about the issue of residuals to actors and musicians. She also said that intellectual property (IP) should reside with the creator. “We want a standard contract to protect writers. I’m standing here as someone wanting to make a living in this industry.”

South Africa is of course a country where mass action has, historically, been very effective in producing results. SABC's response is therefore eagerly awaited.


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