Thursday 21 May 2009

New web service for sale of registered trade marks

According to information received last week, a new website,, has been launched in order to connect United States trade mark buyers and sellers. The idea is this:
"Owners can list and promote their registered trademarks, while potential buyers including investors can search through a variety of available trademarks in one location. ...
Service marks, a specific type of trademark, are also represented. For example, one service mark currently being offered for sale on the portal is IF NOT NOW, WHEN?® which was granted registration by the US. Patent and Trademark Office on February 10, 2009, Reg. No. 3,573,658 in Class 35 (U.S. Cls, 100, 101, and 102) for advertising, marketing and promotion services. “We currently offer a free two-month basic listing,” says the website. “After that time there is a charge for continuing a basic listing or upgrading to a premium listing.” does not get involved as a mediator or broker in any transaction, and therefore receives no commission in the event of a sale. However, ... the service cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the seller. “It is the responsibility of the buyer to do their own due diligence,” they note".
As usual, we'd love to hear of any interesting experiences which readers of this blog have had, or may have in the future, in relation to the use of this service.


Anonymous said...

Given the current financial meltdown, the web portal appears like a good initiative bringing buyers and sellers on a common platform, but as usual buyers need to be mindful of

1. what is being offered

2. what is being sold

and that a due diligence is performed.

Pamela Chestek said...

You might find this post I did on the site interesting: