Thursday 16 October 2008

Patent infringement: a book on damages and compensation

Research and Market's Patent Infringement: Compensation and Damages Report has now been published. This work is updated between once and twice a year. According to the publishers:
"When a patent has been infringed, there's usually a price to pay, whether it's the result of a trial verdict or a negotiated settlement. Even when compensation for patent infringement is a certainty, determining the right amount is a complex matter involving the interplay of many legal and financial variables.

Patent Infringement: Compensation and Damages is a complete, concise and detailed guide. Beginning with the assumption that a patent has been infringed, it explains the seven steps of determining patent infringement damages. In each, it shows you the method used, the possible variations, the unique patent law doctrines that may apply and the strategies to consider. It also examines how awards of damages are treated under accounting rules, helping you seek terms that will be most advantageous to your client from an accounting standpoint.

From estimating lost profits to introducing the testimony of expert witnesses, Patent Infringement: Compensation and Damages equips you with legal and practical insights that will keep you one step ahead of opposing counsel. Don't try or settle another case without it".
I'm ashamed to say that I've never actually encountered this book. The author, Bryan W. Butler, has an impressive CV but one that appears to stack up on the US side of the Atlantic rather than the Eurasian side. Have any readers of this blog got any practical experience of it? At 256 euro I reckon that it's going to be a specialist read rather than a competitor for Harry Potter.

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