Monday 1 May 2017

New $1 Billion Singapore Fund for Commercialization and Expansion

In a recent article by Claire Huang, The Business Times has announced a $1 billion fund in Singapore designed to help a number of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with strong intellectual property portfolios to “go global.”  The fund is a collaboration between the government of Singapore and the private equity firm Makara Capital.  The article notes:

Makara's managing director Ali Ijaz Ahmad listed five areas of focus for the fund:

  • Urban solutions including logistics and security;
  • Fintech;
  • Alternative energy;
  • Advanced tech such as artificial intelligence and cyber-security; and
  • Healthcare and bio-medicine.

The companies will be selected based on criteria such as having a defensible IP, strong managerial talent and pan-Asian growth potential. They will be able to tap into Ipos's expertise and networks and Makara's commercially-driven approach to turn their innovations into assets and revenue through Singapore.

The article is available, here. 

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