Friday 22 May 2015

'Breakdown and Transformations in Innovation Economics: a webinar

IP Finance's friends at Oxfirst have another webinar coming up next week -- on Wednesday 27 May, to be precise. It's hosted by Patrick Terroir (right) on the subject of 'Breakdown and Transformations in Innovation Economics'. According to Oxfirst's explanation:
"IP is on the brink of becoming a consistent, transparent transfer instrument and there is a need to explore how these ‘versatile articles of trade’ (McClure 2008) can be leveraged in more open and efficient markets for innovation.

The introduction of new market mechanisms related to IP such as securitizations, pooled patent portfolios, public auctions and a financial exchange offer new opportunities to diffuse and reward inventors. Alternative IP market techniques have the potential to promote enhanced transparency, security and liquidity in markets for technology that cannot be achieved through bilateral licensing agreements.

In this talk Patrick Terroir addresses the opportunities and pitfalls associated with efforts to establish markets for IP".
The registration URL is (it's also accessible by phone). Good news is that Oxfirst no longer require registrants to have a business or corporate email address: your personal one will do.

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