Friday 1 May 2015

Another blog to look at: this time it's ktMINE's turn

Shortly after IP Finance posted this short item on the PatentVue weblog, we received an email from a reader suggesting that we should also alert readers to the ktMINE Intellectual Property Blog (subtitle: "IP News & IP Data Trends").  This blog, which supports ktMINE ("Research, Analyze and Track Information"), has an archive dating back to March 2009 and, with ten posts since the turn of the year, it is a relatively low-volume medium.  The comments facility (invitingly labelled "leave your thoughts") appears to have been closed on all of the articles that this blogger sampled.

While the blogposts include some articles that are of interest to anyone who is trying to find and then make some sense of the mass of commercially relevant information that is out there somewhere, including some news and thought-leadership items and pieces on royalty rates and transfer pricing, others are understandably more appropriately characterised as marketing material -- but the reader will not be confused between these two objectives.

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Soneber said...

Great article!

I can suggest one more IP website - RoyaltyRange, which is a UK intellectual property royalty rate database that provides detailed data on the most recent agreements involving intellectual property. More information can be found here.