Monday 11 August 2014

Patent risks and markets: a forthcoming talk

"Patent Risks and Markets" is the title of a forthcoming talk which Linda Biel will be giving later this month in London. Linda is Senior Vice President, Business Development, of Allied Security Trust (AST) -- a consortium of major companies that helps diffuse patent risk by purchasing patent assets for their membership (Linda manages the AST member programme).

The talk takes place on 26 August, starting at 5.30pm.  Venue: the office of AISTEMOS, 90 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9RA.  Although Linda's talk is aimed at that company's Pilot Group on Patent Risks and Markets, it is open to anyone suitably qualified by their commercial or professional commitment to issues relating to patent risks in the marketplace.  The talk will have both physical and virtual manifestations, since the audio and slides will be available via a WebEx (sadly, drinks and refreshments are available only for those physically present.

You can register for this event here; if you'd like a bit more information about it, you can email Sue Harvey at

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