Tuesday 8 July 2014

10 challenges to valuing IP: a webinar

"Why it is so difficult to Value IP: Overcoming the 10 Challenges of Valuing Intangible Assets" is a free webinar coming up later this month, organised by Oxfirst (the consultancy driven by our one-time blog colleague Roya Ghafele). The star turn is the experienced Douglas Graham (currently Oxfirst-Iddex Director; formerly CEO and Chairman of Circle Trust, a bank administering $8.5 Billion in assets and a senior partner for Security and Financial Services at KPMG, among other things). The thrust Douglas's talk is this:
Intangible assets represent a major share of today’s businesses. The IP rights associated with those assets are the legal underpinning in that innovation. Yet, despite their fundamental importance, there is a lack of understanding of the economic worth of IP. There is a clear need to increase market actors’ understanding and certainty in IP valuation methods as a way to stimulate IP transactions, to support IP based financing and to give companies the tools to provide information about their IP [one man's opinion? No, it's the view of the IP Valuation Expert Group, European Commission, 2014].

This talk explains what the 10 major challenges of IP valuation are and what can be done to overcome them.
This webinar takes place on 18 July 2014, at precisely 14.30 pm (U.K. Time). To join, just email your name, affiliation and email address to info@oxfirst.com in order to receive an invitation containing login details.

This blogger loves lists and wonders how many challenges to valuing IP the readership of this blog can notch up.  Please email your list of challenges to jjip@btinternet.com and they'll all be listed ahead of the webinar if possible.

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