Tuesday 7 February 2012

A note on Oxfirst

I've just been reading the website of Oxfirst, which describes itself as "a boutique consulting firm specialized in the economic aspects of innovation". Oxfirst's Director is Dr Roya Ghafele, who is a contributor to the IP Finance weblog and a former member of its blogging team.  According to the information on the website, Oxfirst collaborates with innovative corporations, national and supranational Governance bodies worldwide in order to offer in-depth analysis as well as practical solutions that allow the full leverage of innovation as an engine of economic growth. It adds:
"Our assessments form the baseline for the transformative changes that lead to sustainable prosperity in the weightless economy. Our practical experience helps move clients from problem conceptualization to swift solutions".
This all sounds very encouraging, and IP Finance wishes Oxfirst every success. If you want to contact Roya, you can email her here.

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