Friday 24 February 2012

How much is your IP management worth?

The best way to ensure that creative management
staff know what each other are doing is to make
them share the same computer ...
Via Mary Adams (Principal, Trek Consulting LLC and author of Intangible Capital) comes a web-based tool that she developed for the IPR Plaza ("a multidisciplinary portal that provides free-of-charge qualitative and quantitative information on intangibles"). It's called the IP Management Quick Scan [yes, it is a descriptive title, but since this scan lives on a free-to-use portal there may be little advantage in conjuring up an imaginative name to register as a trade mark] and, Mary explains, it measures the potential success of the commercialization a piece of IP within a business. She adds:
"I find that a lot of attention in the IP world is focused on licensing and valuation strategies outside of a company’s core business. But in reality, most companies plan to commercialize IP themselves. And they need the right intangibles—people, knowledge, processes, partners and networks—to pull it off". 
The Quick Scan is 20 questions long and takes just a few minutes to complete. Do let Mary know what you think after taking the Quick Scan here. You can reach her by email here.

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Mary Adams said...

Thanks Jeremy - Yes, giving it away and no trademark!

I have always found that the IP and IC communities are much farther apart than we should be. I actually agreed to build this as a way of (hopefully) opening up more dialog and results for us all.

Thank you for your support!