Tuesday 24 November 2009

Delay no bar to an account of profits, rules Hefty court

IP Finance thanks John Smith for drawing the attention of this weblog to the recent ruling in Intellectual Property Development Corporation Pty Ltd and Hefty NZ Ltd v Primary Distributors New Zealand Ltd, D. J. Graham and R. J. Jones [2009] NZCA 429, Appeal Court of New Zealand, 23 September 2009 (IP Finance previously reported on the trial decision here). In this trade mark infringement case the Court -- which had a good deal to say about the the remedy of an account of profits -- held that mere delay in seeking relief is not in itself a ground for refusing an account of profits. You can read this decision in full here.

A full and very helpful account of this decision -- which also reflects on issues relating to the receivership and liquidation of the trade mark proprietor -- can be found on the IP Now blog here.

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