Friday 2 January 2009

Forthcoming event

“Fundamentals of Intellectual Asset Management”, a three day course held at the Cranfield Management Development Centre, Cranfield University (England) from Monday 9 March to Wednesday 11 March 2009, has a programme developed by the LES (Licensing Executives Society) Britain & Ireland.  

The first day begins with an introduction to the types of IP including trade secrets, patents, trade marks, copyright and design rights. This is followed by an introduction to the basics of licensing, including exercises and a review of the important clauses of a licence. The course then goes on to cover 
* "A Business Framework for Licensing" (a review of high-level business processes for intellectual asset management and the relation of licensing to corporate strategy, 

* "The Deal" (identification and application of valuation approaches; extensive licence negotiation exercise, based on case study materials from earlier sessions); 

* "Living with the Deal" (what happens after the deal is made; construction of a strategy for IP management).
The course is said to be aimed at anyone from beginner’s level to those with up to two years’ experience in licensing.  12 CPD points are available for those attending days two and three. For further information click the LES B & I website here.

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