Wednesday 18 October 2023

IP Valuation for Investment - Free Webinar 25th October 2023, 15:00BST

                                         IP Valuation for Investment

Attracting investment is vital for sustaining and growing innovative businesses. Intellectual property is often crucial in attracting capital, and so proper valuation and management of IP is essential to the success of the business. This panel discussion considers the best way to approach using IP valuation to attract investment, drawing on the diverse and extensive experiences of our excellent panelists.

About the Speakers

Olivia Tsai, Assistant General Counsel & Head of IP at Cruise

Olivia Tsai is Assistant General Counsel and Head of IP at Cruise, a position she has held for the last six years. In this role, Olivia draws on her extensive experience in intellectual property and a background in electrical engineering. Cruise is a $30 billion autonomous all electric vehicle company in founded in 2013 and based in San Fransisco, and its driverless cars can also be found in Austin and Phoenix. 

Cara Wessel Wells, Founder & CEO of EmGenisys

Cara Wessels Wells, PhD is the founder and CEO of EmGenisys. Based in Texas, Cara has a background in Animal Sciences and Reproductive Physiology. EmGenisys provides comprehensive health evaluations of embryos using machine learning models to non-invasively analyze changes and improve pregnancy rates by up to 20% in both livestock species and clinical human IVF. Cara brings an invaluable startup perspective to this discussion.

Tracy W. Druce, Partner at Novak Druce Carroll

Tracy Druce has 25 years of experience in intellectual property and is a founding partner at Novak Druce Carroll LLP. Tracy counsels companies of all sizes on intellectual property creation, management and exploitation, and these companies are frequently in industries where the technology is fast moving. Tracy works to establish monetizable intellectual property portfolios through a thorough understanding of the relevant market and close collaboration with his clients. Tracy will chair this webinar.


Dr. Roya Ghafele, Managing Director at OxFirst

Dr. Roya Ghafele is the founder and Managing Director of OxFirst, an award-winning law and economics consultancy. Much of its work is with tech companies as well as advising on public policymaking in the area of technology transfer. Dr. Ghafele is a visiting Professor at Brunel University, London as well as being an accredited expert witness to courts in England and Wales. Prior to founding OxFirst, Dr. Ghafele held an Assistant Professorship with the University of Edinburgh, a Departmental Lectureship with Oxford University and a Research Fellowship with the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley. She also worked for the OECD and WIPO as an economist.

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