Friday 24 January 2020

Kerrigan on The Financing of Intangible Assets

In an ambitious and relatively short book (290 pages) titled, "The Financing of Intangible Assets: TMT Finance and Emerging Technologies" (LexisNexis), editor and author Charles Kerrigan of CMS law provides a treatment of financing of intangible assets in the technology, media and telecom sectors.  The book has wide breadth and selective depth in its coverage of the subject matter.  Moreover, it is a practical book which discusses mitigating risk and anticipating potential issues, including focusing on potential problems that may arise with new and emerging technology.  The book first opens with five chapters that provide an overview of various relevant agreements and the role of players in the field.  The second part covers security and regulation, such as “Taking Security over Intellectual Property Rights,” and “Restrictions on Assignment, Floating Charges.”  The next ten chapters cover financing in various industries, including Software, Telecoms, Gambling, Music, Biotech and Healthtech, Publishing, Advertising and Adtech, Technology, TV Broadcast Media and Media Technology, and Film.  The next ten chapters ambitiously highlight specific countries’ law concerning the subject matter, which are each authored by practitioners from those respective countries, or Mr. Kerrigan in collaboration with law firms in the geographic area.  Finally, the book ends with ten chapters generally dedicated to an area of new technology involving finance, such as Digital Money, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.  This book is helpful as a resource for those who desire an overview of the field and those who need a relatively detailed treatment of a specific area.  It is a welcome addition to the resources concerning the topic.

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