Thursday 22 December 2016

Call for IP valuation experts

Jackie McGuire, at Coller IP, has informed us that she and Martin Brassell, at Inngot, are undertaking a study of the IP valuation market for the UK Intellectual Property Office, including the structure of the IP valuation market, motivations and barriers to engagement, and best practice in different contexts.

Jackie notes that prior studies for the Intellectual Property Office have established that the majority of UK business investment, and business value, now lies in intangible rather than fixed, tangible assets. Despite this, companies do not always value their IP or take steps to protect the value that it underpins. The study builds on the report from the European Commission Expert Working Group on IP Valuation and Banking on IP. The results will be used to inform UK policy and to develop solutions to promote the wider adoption of IP and intangible asset valuation.

All discussions on this study are using the Chatham House Rule. They will use the information received, and with permission, reference the company’s participation in a published report. While they would welcome the opportunity to use specific case studies, they will not link the personal identity of those interviewed or that of the company with specific comments or findings, without prior approval.

Please contact or by 15th January 2017.

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