Tuesday 22 November 2016

Webinar on "The Economic Contribution of IP Rights"

OxFirst has announced a free webinar, entitled “The Economic Contribution of IP Rights”, to take place on December 8, 2016, at 14:00 GMT (being 15:00 CET and 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time). The speaker will be Dr. Nathan Wajsman, Chief Economist of EUIPO.

The webinar will build on prior work carried out by Dr. Wajsman. The first phase of the IP Contribution study was published in September 2013 and shows which industries are IPR-intensive and measures their contribution to GDP, employment, international trade and wages in 2008-2010 at EU, as well as country, level. (A similar study was published for the US by the USPTO in 2012.) In October 2016, an update of the EU study was published, considering the period between 2011-2013. The IP rights considered in the most recent study include patents, trademarks, registered designs, copyright, geographical indications and plant variety rights.

In addition to the industry-level study, the EUIPO has also conducted research to estimate the contribution of IP rights at the individual firm level. This study was published in June 2015 and the IP rights included in this study are trademarks, patents and designs, both European and national (in 12 EU Member States covering about 80% of EU’s economy). In the study, the economic performance of firms that are owners of IPRs is compared with those that do not own any of the three IPRs. The study is based on a statistical analysis of more than 2 million firms and an econometric model based on data for 130,000 firms.

In the webinar, Dr. Wajsman will present the results of the two studies and discuss possible future research on the relationship between IP and economic performance.

For registration and more information, please consult the attached link.

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