Tuesday 28 April 2015

Taking a view on PatentVue

Bruce Berman (Brody Berman Associates) has just drawn my attention to a blog that might be of interest to readers of IP Finance: it's PatentVue, the house blog of Envision IP, and it's written by Envision IP's Maulin Shah and Alex Lee.

Subtitled "A view at the intersection of patents, finance, and technology", PatentVue is a relatively low-volume blog (five posts so far for 2015); it concentrates on transactional issues involving patents -- mainly but by no means exclusively in the United States -- and it has an archive going back to May 2011.  There's also a substantially underused facility for posting readers' comments. This blogger wonders why it is that the IP community is so keen to share its thoughts via blogpost comments on some weblogs, but not on others. Ideas, anyone?

You can check PatentVue out for yourself by clicking here.

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Federico Caviggioli said...

in this case, I cannot find any button to subscribe to mailing list, neither the linkedin link is working