Tuesday 20 December 2011

Economics and IP: the Katonomics posts

After posting this item on the IPKat weblog, it occurred to me that there are probably a good many readers of the IP Finance weblog who are interested in the point at which economics intersects with IP but who do not read the IPKat. Accordingly I've listed the titles of a series of six posts on economics and IP, written by economist Dr Nicola Searle and published together under the term "Katonomics". A further series by the same author will follow in the New Year.
  • No.1: The social contract theory of IP
  • No.2: The economics of trade marks
  • No.3: Evidence-based policy: the challenge of data
  • No.4: Where to look for an IP-oriented economist
  • No.5: The paradox of fashion
  • No.6: The economics of IP in pharmaceuticals.

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