Friday 11 November 2011

"Open Innovation: the Challenges and Solutions"

Only yesterday this weblog posted information concerning a topic meeting on 24 November at the University of Leuven, Belgium, on "Open Innovation: Barrier or Enabler?" Today we post an announcement concerning "Open Innovation: the Challenges and Solutions", a half-day conference in the British Library's Conference Centre, London, on 29 November, which has been brought to this blogger's attention by Creative Barcode CEO Maxine Horn -- one of the conference participants. You can get full details of this event here.

It would be too early to say that the bandwagon of open innovation is sweeping across Europe, but it is fair to say that business models based on open innovation rather than on self-sufficiency in innovation and the preservation of exclusivity in one's technology are finally gaining ground.  Since they require less financial investment, they are less vulnerable to the availability of credit; and they have the potential to evolve into arrangements which are less formal than FRAND-based standards while at the same time retaining many of their benefits.

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