Sunday 16 May 2010

Reputations and bottom lines: a new book

Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st-Century Organization, by Mary Adams (right) and Michael Oleksak, has now been published and is available via Amazon at US$34.95. This is a project from I-Capital Advisors, which occupies a vocal corner of the IP finance world. According to the web-blurb:
"Today, 70% of corporate value is in intangibles. This is most clearly seen in mergers and acquisitions activity but is actually true for every company This value comes from knowledge that is developed by people and turbocharged by IT. But because our management systems and accounting are still based on industrial-era customs, this value remains invisible, misunderstood and unrecognized.

We have been successful in helping our clients use intangible capital tools to negotiate with merger partners, gain financing, improve performance and build the value of their companies. In early 2008, as we began writing about what we saw as the coming recession, we knew that it was time to take our IC message to a larger market. That fall, we sold our book concept to Praeger and during the dark days of the recession we worked on the manuscript, hoping to contribute to the recovery ...".
The book is described as "a practical handbook for every manager struggling to succeed and innovate in today's knowledge-based economy. It explains why intangibles are critical to performance, value and innovation. Why reputation is the new bottom line. And why intangible management skills and tools are critical to the future of your business".

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