Tuesday 26 January 2010

Sun Tzu and the patent trolls

David Wanetick (Managing Director, IncreMental Advantage) has written a little piece for IP Finance which readers may enjoy. He explains:
"Black Operations. Scorched Earth Campaigns. Preemptive Strikes. Fomenting Internal Unrest. Coalition Defenses. Trench Warfare.

These are not terms typically used in discussing patent strategy. However, they are strategies discussed in my article entitled “How Sun Tzu Would Outflank Patent Trolls”. Other articles have postulated that patent trolls are merely an illusion of paranoid patent managers. Some authors have praised patent trolls for providing a market for inventors to monetize their inventions. Other articles have lambasted patent trolls for levying taxes on innovation. This article provides a thorough analysis of how operating companies can respond to demand letters issued by patent trolls".

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