Friday 11 September 2009

South Africa: content war continues with hunger strike

Readers may recall a story that broke a few months back describing how the content industry in South Africa formed a coalition to protest against the national broadcaster's IP and payment policies. The coalition staged an uprising which played a big part in forcing SABC board resignations and them begging for a government bail out. The story continues with a hunger strike.

"Accusations, counter-accusations, hunger strike, protests, name-calling, defiance, denialism, late payments, delayed procurement, deferrals and axing. These are just some of the fundamental characteristics of the local content ‘battle for survival' currently being fought between the SABC and the TV Industry Emergency Coalition (TVIEC). And it is turning nastier day after day." (Issa Sikiti da Silva).

People have learnt how to fight for what they think is right in RSA. Whether a hunger strike is appropriate in this situation seems inappropriate to question.

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