Wednesday 5 August 2009

Recent publication

The July/August issue of Intellectual Asset Management has been out for a while now, but I've only just had a chance to review it and -- with most of August still to come -- it's still technically current. Features in this issue include
* an interview with the photogenic Horacio Guttierez (Microsoft) on the shifts in IP policy which he has overseen during his three years as Chief IP Officer;

* A sponsored piece, "IA metrics for the other IP market", on risk and reputation management (not recommended for people who don't like figures and diagrams);

* A report by finance editor Nigel Page on what Intellectual Ventures is up to, given (i) its brimming war chest and (ii) improving market conditions in the innovation investment sector;

* IAM journalist Sara-Jayne Adams writes ("Time for Big Pharma to be loud and proud") on the steps taken by GSK, in particular, to defend its record in terms of all-round positives and not merely profits.
You can see the contents of this issue here.


Joff Wild said...


Thanks for the write-up. Just to clarify one thing though: the article "IA metrics for the other IP market" is not a sponsored piece. IAM has a purely editorial relationship with the Intangible Asset Finance Society. We entered into this in order to supply readers with a regular supply of cutting-edge intangible asset management articles written by people who do not have a background in straight IP. We think this perspective is a valuable one. For its part, the IAFS gets regular exposure in a widely-read publication. All sponsored material in IAM is clearly labelled as "co-published editorial".

All the best,


Jeremy said...

Thanks for your clarification. I was obviously misled by the text accompanying the article, on p.47, which says "This article is sponsored by the Intangible Asset Finance Society's Secretariat". It doesn't say it's "co-published editorial" -- not in the article itself and not on the contents page.