Wednesday 19 August 2009

IPVision briefing - strong IP positions to success

IP research and analytics company IPVision will on 11 September 2009 host a briefing on the correlation of strong Intellectual Property positions to success in early-stage firms. Together with the National Knowledge & Intellectual Property Management Taskforce, they will look into the crucial linkage between innovation, entrepreneurship and corporate value.

The presentation will be lead by Joseph Hadzima, of IPVision and Senior Faculty Member of the Sloan School of Management, and Alexander Butler, of IPVision, in a web based briefing for the members and friends of the Taskforce. As Business Wire reports, IPVision has completed research and assessments rating the intellectual property position of more than 9,000 venture capital backed companies. This research shows that early-stage companies with strong patents, patent strategy and patent ratings consistently provide a 20-25% higher success rate than commercial peers.

For an earlier post on the National Knowledge & IP Management Task Force’s book Business Power - Creating new wealth from IP Assets, see here.

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