Friday 5 April 2024

Japanese Universities Having Trouble with Tech Transfer

Nikkei Asia has published an article by Kenjiru Suzuki titled, "Japan's Universities Fail to Make the Most of Intellectual Property: Due to Lack of Support, Patents Only Make 2% Compared to U.S. Schools."  The title provides a nice summary of the article's findings.  Research has pointed to differences between countries and their innovation systems as to why a specific country may not experience the relative success of U.S. universities in technology transfer.  For example, there may be differences in university culture, laws concerning taking a company public, corporate formation laws, laws concerning mergers and acquisitions, tax law, amount of available funding, expected licensing terms, skilled workforce, specific IP and data rights laws, networks of support and engagement, university researcher buy-in, and availability of capital (among other things).  I confess I am surprised that Japan has not realized more success in this area.  

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