Friday 21 April 2023

Join in! FRAND Royalty Rate Determination - Free Webinar 25th April 2023, 16:00BST


FRAND Royalty Rate Determination Free OxFirst Webinar April 25, 16.00 p.m. British Standard Time

How much to charge for the use of standard essential patents is core to business and legal decisions alike. Therefore, the question as to how determine FRAND royalty rates remains a key element of the debate on standard essential patents, and we are privileged to be joined in this webinar by two key speakers who approach it from differing angles. Dan Lang and Jeffrey Blumenfeld will offer a “point-counterpoint” discussion of some of the principles involved and some of the approaches taken to royalty rate calculation, drawing on decades of experience in this space, so to provide invaluable insights to those seeking to come to grips with the crucial question of FRAND royalty rate determination.

About the Speakers

Dan Lang

Vice President of Intellectual Property, Cisco

Dan is Vice President of Intellectual Property at Cisco, responsible for Cisco’s IP strategy including portfolio development, licensing, standards, patent pools and disputes. He has been working in intellectual property for over 25 years, beginning his career as an engineer before later becoming an attorney. Dan spent five years on the USPTO’s Patent Public Advisory Committee and prior to joining Cisco in 2004 was in private practice.

Jeffrey Blumenfeld

Founding Partner, Competition Law Partners

External Counsel to Access Advance

Jeff is a founding partner of Competition Law Partners, based in Washington DC, and acts as external counsel to Access Advance. He draws on over 35 years of government and private practice experience and brings in-depth knowledge of competition principles, technology, regulation and economics. Jeff is an accomplished litigator and trial lawyer who has worked extensively on competition issues in intellectual property. Jeff works with clients on standard setting, collective IP activities, licensing SEPs and the competition issues common in FRAND litigation.


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