Tuesday 13 July 2021

Cybersecurity Book Review: Perlroth

Nicole Perlroth's "This is How They Tell Me the World Ends" is a very engaging and entertaining book of around 470 pages concerning cybersecurity.  Ms. Perlroth is a New York Times reporter who covers cybersecurity issues.  This book is a whirlwind tour of why we are where we are at with respect to cybersecurity--at least in part.  She points to the development of the market for zero day vulnerabilities and the participation in that market by the United States government as well as other governments.  The book is based on many interviews and she effectively ties them together to make a compelling story that reads very much like a fast moving Tom Clancy book.  She does not pull many punches and takes a few shots at various U.S. presidential administrations, including finishing up on the Trump administration.  It is selling well and one would hope may lead to some people taking cybersecurity a bit more seriously.  

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