Monday 12 August 2019

Professor Shamnad Basheer

As IPKat and IP Finance blogger Neil Wilkof recently reported Professor Shamnad Basheer passed away.  Neil wrote a very beautiful tribute on the IPKat blog, here.  I encourage you to read it and particularly note his work with children and youth (also here).  About ten years ago, Shamnad and I were both in Munich teaching.  I became very sick, and Shamnad stepped in and kindly gave a presentation at a conference for me.  That was Shamnad to me.  He was always willing to help and such a very kind soul.  We were able to spend some time together getting to know each other in Munich and over the years exchanged emails.  He was always the same—kind, thoughtful and willing to help.  I know there are so many other stories of Shamnad’s kindness.  Thank you for being you, Shamnad.  You are missed.

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