Wednesday 20 September 2017

Congratulations Jeremy Phillips!

Jeremy Phillips, the founder of the IP Finance Blog among many other blogs, was awarded the David Goldring Volunteer Award from Marques.  The Marques website describes the award:

David Goldring was instrumental in the launch of MARQUES, having been involved from the very start and participating in the steering committee that discussed the setting up of an association of trade mark owners in 1984.

A UK and European trade mark attorney, he held a law degree from University College, London and originally worked in-house for Allied Lyons, an FMCG company.

In 1991, he became head of UK operations for the Novagraaf Group (J.E. Evans-Jackson & Co) and in 2010, he set up his own firm, Oakleigh IP Services.

David joined the MARQUES Council in 1996 and in June 2003 was appointed Treasurer. He played a pivotal role not just in managing the Association’s finances and budget, but also in planning and researching the Annual Conferences. David was instrumental in almost all aspects of the development of MARQUES and the recognition which MARQUES enjoys today is traceable to his guidance.

David’s attendance and participation at MARQUES was exceptional, only missing one Annual Conference in thirty years. A very down-to-earth man, David particularly enjoyed engaging in debates with established friends and was always keen to welcome new delegates.

David sadly passed away on 28th June 2016. In honour of his dedication to MARQUES and huge contribution to the organisation over the years, the David Goldring Volunteer award was inaugurated and was presented to his wife Delia (Dee) Goldring at the Annual meeting in September 2016 in Villaitana.

Congratulations Jeremy!  We miss you and hope you are enjoying your retirement!  The Marques Class 46 blog has more information as does the JIPLP blog. 

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