Tuesday 22 August 2017

Two New Valuation Seminars

There are two interesting valuation seminars coming up.  The first is by the American Intellectual Property Law Association and is free.  It is tomorrow, Wednesday, August 22, 2017 and remote participation is possible.  The event is titled, “Assessing the Value of Intellectual Property in Rapidly Changing Markets and Law.”  Here is a summary of the event:

Rapidly changing markets and products affect the value of intellectual property.  Traditional methods of valuation are highly challenged, as comparable transactions, costs to develop "equivalent" IP and measuring income streams are all compromised by abbreviated time lines.  So, too, innovation at an increasing pace in certain sectors and rapidly changing intellectual property law (Alice, PTAB developments) heavily impact valuation approaches and outcomes.  Listen to our panel discuss these intriguing challenges.

The Speakers: Philip W. Kline of 284 Partners, LLC; Brian Scarpelli of ACT | The App Association; and David Stein of Cooper Legal Group, LLC

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017, 12:30 PM ET

The Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law in Dallas is holding a symposium titled: “The Value of Intellectual Property.”  The description states: “A one-day symposium exploring the latest news, legal developments, and judicial decisions, including panels on: What Drives Innovation; Perspectives on the Value of Intellectual Property; Patent Eligibility; Patent Valuation and Complex Products; The Supreme Court’s Recent IP Cases; and The Patent Trial and Appeal Board.”  The “featured speakers” are: Manny Schecter, Chief Patent Counsel, IBM and Phil Johnson, Senior Vice President – Intellectual Property Strategy and Policy (ret.).  The event is on Friday, September 29, 2017 in Dallas at SMU, Dedman School of Law. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike - the above looks really interesting. Given there are possibilities for remote participation, are these seminars being recorded? I would be very interested in listening in but i have a previous engagement i cant escape from. Is it possible to sign up and receive a recording of the proceedings?