Tuesday 2 August 2016

Pokemon GO: Aistemos sheds light on the state of patents in the area of augmented reality

Following yesterday's post on the potential for unlocking IP value at Nintendo in light of the Pokemon GO craze, this blogger has just seen today's blogpost from Aistemos—"Patents surrounding Pokémon Go – has someone caught them all"? Aistemos was established by Nigel Swycher, a long-time friend of this blog, who had a lengthy and illustrious career in London as a leading lawyer in IP transactions and strategy before deciding to follow his passion for IP analytics as a means of improving IP decision-making for businesses and their professional advisers.

The blogpost provides fascinating information and data about the patent position of Augmented Reality. The post notes in summary that--
"Augmented Reality (AR) technology has seen a surge in innovation since 2010;

AR relies on many technologies and has many applications;

Main technologies are head-mounted displays and image processing;

Siemens were pioneers and hold a large and mature patent portfolio."
In summary, the post proclaims—
"Pokémon Go has proven that AR is here to stay."
As we suggested yesterday, the jury is still out whether Nintendo will ultimately enjoy sustained commercial success from AR technology. In seeking to answer this question, Aistemos has provided useful information and more food for thought. The post is well-worth reading (and reading again).


Aistemos Blogteam said...

Thanks so much for this kind post. Not just Nigel Swycher but all of us at Aistemos are readers of your blog and we are all surprised that it doesn't receive more attention in the IP business community.

*&^ said...

In response to the first comment I think IP Finance is written in IP language rather than finance language and so is not on the right wavelength for the business community to dip into.

Also IP remains peripheral and/or specialised to many business people.