Tuesday 25 August 2015

IP and Finance: are there any courses?

A reader has written to ask if we know of any courses or training programmes on Intellectual Property and Finance. Off-hand this blogger cannot think of any, though he feels that there is bound to be one somewhere.

If you know of any degree or diploma course, or any professional training, that is specifically aimed at IP and finance, can you post the details -- or at least a link to them -- in the Comments section below this post on the IP Finance blog web page?


Stefano Barazza said...

I think that the Queen Mary offers (or at least offered) IP and Finance as a module on its LLM programme. I am not aware of other UK universities offering a similar module (of course, I could be wrong!), but it may be worth exploring if other private institutions do.


Stefano Barazza said...

Here goes the link:

Jeremy said...

Thanks Stefano! This is available as a module in the QMUL LLM programme -- our reader was really looking for (and I should have made this clear at the outset -- sorry) a stand-alone programme.

Mark said...

It sounds quite a specialist subject. We have an afternoon on IP as security in the 5-day IP Transactions course at UCL, taught by Linklaters, but that is not stand alone.